Our unique approach to education in the Africa Great Lakes region

Academic Excellence

With a world-class faculty and exceptional resources, Tujenge Scholars augment their high-school diploma with a liberal arts curriculum. The program emphasizes critical thinking and communication skills to equip scholars with the tools for successful university study and beyond.

Peacebuilding & Dialogue

Discussion classes form a core element of the Tujenge curriculum. By engaging with other viewpoints, Tujenge Scholars deepen not only their understanding of the sources of conflict, but also their understanding of themselves.

Global Network

Scholars are currently studying at thirty-four different universities in eleven different countries. The ever growing network of Tujenge Scholars are perfectly situated to engage with the ever-changing world of the 21st century.

Meet our team

Nganyu Dominic

Lead English Instructor

Carol Gallo

Visiting Faculty

Bradley Gasser

Lead STEM Instructor

NZIZA Neuilly

Program Manager

David Bett

Guidance Counselor and Student Success Coordinator

Benjamin Dickensheets

Executive Director

Etienne Mashuli

Cofounder and Visiting Faculty

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