Paying for Tujenge Scholars Program

TSP is fully committed to ensuring that any scholar who is selected for the program is able to attend, regardless of financial situation. This means that the financial cost of the program will not be a barrier to entry, and students who have demonstrated financial need will be accommodated fully.

Most admitted students will be offered a financial aid package that will decrease the amount of money that the family is expected to contribute to the program. The amount of financial aid given to each scholar is based on the family income and ability to pay. Information about each student’s financial aid will be made available once the scholar has been admitted to the program.

Why are students and their families expected to contribute?

As an organization dedicated to community engagement and accountability, it is important that our students and their families be the ultimate stakeholders in the Tujenge Scholars Program. By working with families to determine a tuition contribution that they are comfortable paying, the foundation is reaffirming its ultimate accountability to the students who make up the program.

Programs like the Tujenge Scholars Program are expensive to maintain and cannot operate without a coalition of support behind them. Every tuition payment made by students and their families goes toward operational expenses, directly supporting the groundbreaking educational opportunity we strive to provide.

How much is tuition?

Once a student is accepted into the program, their families complete a comprehensive financial aid evaluation. Based on family income, assets, and expenses, the program uses a formula to set student tuition. After notifying scholars of the expected tuition, families are welcomed to discuss the amount and submit an appeal if they feel the tuition payment will be a burden to the family’s finances. Every year we adjust a number of tuition payments based on these conversations.

Unfortunately, there is no way to determine ahead of time the exact amount a scholar and their family will be expected to contribute. However, Tujenge Africa Foundation reaffirms its commitment that no student will ever be turned away from the program because of inability to pay.