Frequently Asked Questions

If you are currently a university student, you will be required to withdraw or defer your university enrollment before starting the Tujenge Scholars Program. Any past university affiliations must be reported when applying.

Yes. You will be required to withdraw or defer your university enrollment if you are accepted into the Tujenge Scholars Program, however this should not prevent you from applying.

No. While we expect to see high university admission rates for Tujenge Scholars, Tujenge Africa Foundation is unaffiliated with any university program and cannot guarantee enrollment at any university. Moreover, ability to attend a university is dependent on not only admissions, but also factors such as availability of financial aid and visa constraints.

Not necessarily. Your score on the SAT or TOEFL (or any other standardized test) is simply one component of a larger application portfolio that includes your high school grades and rank, national exam results (if applicable), essays, information about your work, leadership, and volunteer activities, and many other factors. While a high test score can certainly increase your chances of admission, it is not a guarantee of anything.

There is no minimum score requirement. We take a student’s entire application into account when selecting a class of Tujenge Scholars. Students who have not taken the National Exam will be evaluated without this component.

Because classes are just taught in English, you need to have a basic knowledge before you start the program. However, we do not expect anyone to be fluent when they enter the program, and we welcome scholars with a wide variety of ability levels each year.

Classes for TSP are located in Bujumbura. If you live outside of Bujumbura Mairie, we are committed to working with you to find a solution that will allow you to live in Bujumbura for the duration of your time with TSP.