Cohort 4 by the Numbers:

0 %
Acceptance rate
0 %
gender balance
of 18 provinces represented
0 %
of scholars' families earn less than $2.35 per day
Program Start Date:

January 27, 2020


June 20, 2021

Radical Diversity

Tujenge scholars truly come from all walks of life in Burundi. The diversity of scholars in the Class of 2021 is greater than ever before, with students coming from twelve of Burundi’s eighteen provinces, gender parity, and more than half of students coming from families living on less than $2.35 per day. 13% of the class has spent time as a refugee or an internally displaced person.

Academic Profile

Average score on the Burundian
Exam d'Etat is in the
0 th
percentile nationally
Median class rank:
Median score on Exam d'Etat:
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Median final year grade:
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Exam d'Etat distribution:
Cohort 4 National Exam Distribution
Final year grade distribution:
Cohort 4 Grade Distribution
Admissions by Section:
Économie 1
Informatique de Gestion 1
Langues 4
Normale 1
Pedagogie 1
Sciences: Biologie, Chimie, Sciences de la Terre 18
Sciences: Maths, Physique, Technologie 3
Sciences Sociales et Humaines 1