How do I apply?

Applications open in August each year. Applications can be found on this page, and also be requested by contacting us.

The admissions process consists of a preliminary stage and a finalist stage. The preliminary stage requires you to fill out an Application Form and return it (along with all required documentation) to Tujenge Scholars Program.

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered, regardless of reason, excuse, or circumstance.

As part of the preliminary stage, applicants are also required to submit their national exam scores. This process is described in the application. If applicants fail to notify TSP about their exam results, they will be disqualified and not invited to participate in the finalist stage.

Applicants will be notified about the status of their application and whether or not they are invited to participate in the finalist stage.

The finalist stage consists of a 4-day event. Invited students will participate in this all-expenses-paid occasion. More details will be made available to students who qualify for the event, but note that attendance is mandatory and a position in the program will not be offered if a scholar is unable to attend for any reason.

Application Form for Class of 2020 (Cohort 4)

The electronically-fillable pdf requires Adobe reader, which you can download from here.