The Tujenge Scholars Program is a groundbreaking post-secondary, college-preparatory educational program in Burundi. Its eighteen-month program is unique amongst other university preparation programs in sub-Saharan Africa in its commitment to peacebuilding, educational access, and radical diversity.

Tujenge Africa Foundation is a member of the professional HALI Access Network.

Facilitating access to exceptional quality higher education is one of the foundational pillars of the Scholars Program. Every year, our alumni matriculate at universities around the world, including many across the African continent, in Europe, Asia, and North America. Our scholars are currently studying in eleven different countries, at thirty-four different universities. All of our students are financially high-need and receive full or nearly-full scholarship and financial aid packages from the universities where they study.

Tujenge scholars bring a wealth of background and perspective to their campus communities, including extensive experience in seminar-style discussion classes. This combination of unique perspective and a developed ability to communicate effectively is part of what makes these scholars such a valuable part of their university cohorts. Our curricular emphasis on peacebuilding through dialogue and leadership through service are also key components of what these students bring to campus with them.

Students are carefully selected during the application process for the Tujenge program as young people that truly represent the best of their country and are committed to giving back in their communities throughout the rest of their lives. As the future leaders of Burundi, we ask our alumni to return home for two years following their undergraduate study in order to deepen community ties, gain valuable work experience, and enrich their understanding of the challenges faced by their country.

As an organization, we are 100% committed to ensuring that our students enroll at universities fully ready for the demands of collegiate life and academically prepared for success. Scholars graduate from the program with the skillset needed to succeed at the most rigorous English-language universities in the world. Our guidance process is highly personalized so that students apply to universities that represent a good “fit” for their educational goals. We believe in the value of open communication between advocates on both sides of the admission desk and work closely with our counterparts in university admission offices to help some of the most deserving students in the world access life-changing higher educational opportunities.


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