The academic experience at Tujenge Scholars Program is unlike any other. Students from around Burundi and the Great Lakes region gather for an eighteen-month educational journey that leaves scholars critical thinkers and members of civic society. From the very first day that introduces scholars to our English-language curriculum to the culminating academic term filled with university-level coursework, the academic program is demanding, engaging, and transformative. Rooted in five Academic Pillars, the curriculum bridges the gap between education at the secondary level and the highest levels of tertiary academic inquiry.

Tujenge Scholars Program seeks to empower the youth of Burundi through access to high-quality education and leadership and peace-building initiatives

Scholars who take the plunge into Tujenge’s academic experience must be bold, brave, and resilient. They must engage with the program’s core values and commit to honest academic inquiry in the service of self-discovery. Scholars must also be willing to engage with ideas and values that differ from their own, practicing respect alongside analysis, compassion alongside conviction.

While designed to enable scholars to seamlessly make the transition from secondary to university study, the academic program is also meant to stand on its own as a valuable experience for an aspiring young thinker. Students who are interested in the program solely for its reputation for helping students access international higher education opportunities are advised to look elsewhere for programs that are primarily focused on university access. The aims of Tujenge Scholars Program go far beyond applying for universities, and we welcome scholars who are enthusiastic about engaging with the academic program for its own value.