Mathematics instruction is foundational to the Tujenge curriculum. Taught from day one, math courses in the first year largely review past material but in the context of the English language and English and American conventions. Math instruction early in the program paves the way for quantitative coursework later on, including preparing students to take a differential calculus course in their final term.

Unlike much of the math instruction encountered by scholars at their secondary schools, the Tujenge curriculum is application-centric. Students are asked not to memorize formulae, but rather to understand the underlying concepts behind them, ultimately enabling scholars to flexibly call on their knowledge in new situations and new applications.

Spring Term: Foundation

The mathematics curriculum at Tujenge is designed to, firstly, introduce students to mathematics in the context of the English language. A substantial review of secondary school-level mathematics is conducted, covering content from arithmetic, algebra, data analysis, functions and more.

Summer Term: Explore

After initially continuing the curriculum from the first term, mathematics instruction in the summer eventually shifts focus into preparation for standardized tests and reinforcement of application-based understanding of secondary school-level mathematics.

Spring Term: Prepare

In their final term, Tujenge Scholars build on their mathematical foundation to take one or two of the following math courses. Each class is taught at the level of a first-year university course.

Differential Calculus

Integral Calculus

Statistics and Data Analysis